Aging Well

Look forward to aging well!

Sharôn Green
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His specific extract discovered more than 40 years ago can help protect the quality of our lives now while preparing for the future, so we can look forward to aging well.

Facing the realities of aging well

Remember turning 30? 40? 50? Remember looking at your parents and seeing your future reflected in them? Remember thinking, really thinking about what it was going to be like for you when you got to their age?

The signs of aging go beyond face value

When we look in the mirror we can all see the wrinkles and lines that appear over time, but the reality is that our bodies and minds change too. As time passes our eyesight, skin, muscles, flexibility, movement ... even our ability to think clearly changes! It would be nice to think that it won't.

Numerous scientific studies, research and common sense tell us to not just eat well and be active, but to keep the system that delivers the nutrients we eat to all the cells and organs in our body healthy, so that they can stay well. This is one of the major keys to healthy aging.

Professor Masquelier - The French Pine Bark pioneer

More than 40 years ago, Professor Jack Masquelier - ground-breaking scientist in the field of nutrition and health - was the first to discover how to produce an extract from the bark of the French pine tree to release its potent health benefits. 

Professor Masquelier's specific French Pine Bark extract provided powerful antioxidant protection and support to the vascular system to enhance nutrient delivery to all parts of the body. Combined with strong collagen support, these are vital ways of supporting the body ongoing health:

  • supports healthy circulation*
  • maintains the integrity of blood vessel walls*
  • supports blood vessels for efficient delivery of oxygen*
  • helps keep vascular pathways strong and supple*
  • maintains vein elasticity*
  • supports nutrient delivery*

The unique 3-way action of Professor Masquelier's OPCs from his specific French Pine Bark extract:


The powerful antioxidants found in Professor Masquelier's French Pine Bark extract - OPCs - help neutralize excess free radicals throughout the body, providing a powerful source of protection. 


Every organ, muscle and tissue in the body is fed and powered by nutrients from blood. Veins, arteries and capillaries (blood vessels) ensure that these vital nutrients are delivered to where they are needed. Blood vessels are responsible for the continuing health of every organ in the body; eyes, heart, brain, even the largest organ - skin!  


Collagen is a group of extra cellular proteins that form strong, insoluble fibers and serve as connective tissue between cells, helping to hold cells and blood vessels together. Healthy collagen keeps the body supple and firm. Collagen levels normally diminish over time as we age and through free radical damage. 

The powerful antioxidant protection of Professor Masquelier's French Pine Bark Extract helps protect the body from free radical damage.  It inhibits enzymes that break down collagen and stabilizes vitamin C (the building block of collagen), which maintains collagen levels. By maintaining collagen levels, the blood vessel system is also well supported. *

Professor Masquelier's French Pine Bark Extract - Health benefits:

Healthy circulation: 

Helps support blood vessels, keeping them supple and flexible. 

Heart, organs and body health:

Healthy veins assist circulation and nutrient delivery throughout the body, providing support for the heart, eyes and all vital organs.

Powerful antioxidant protection to help protect the body from free radical damage.

Skin health:

Healthy circulation means well-nourished skin - helping protect skin and cells from the inside.

Nutritional support and vitality: 

Healthy veins aid in optimum cellular nutrition - helping to promote vitality and well-being.

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